November 11, 2022

Client - GoHealth

  • Open: 2022
  • Size: 1,200 sq m
  • Sector: Office

Location - Nivy Tower, Bratislava

  • Concept Design & Interior Design: CBRE
  • Relax zone: 310m²
  • Rental saving €300,000

The Story

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GoHealth was looking for a new playful and attractive working environment. GoHealth was located in a B-class building and was looking for a new A-class building with an attractive environment for current and new employees. CBRE has approached GoHealth with an offer for cooperation. At that time, the client selected the building, received the first offer directly from the landlord, and was supposed to manage the whole process by themselves. The client expected CBRE to secure better rental conditions and help design the new office. CBRE’s office agency provided a market overview, PRF’s process, and financial comparison, which enabled us to negotiate better rental conditions. Additionally, CBRE’s Building Consultancy Department provided other required services. The result was achieving significantly better rental conditions in the selected building and a new design of playful and attractive office premises for employees.

What They Said

"We were and still are, satisfied with the services of CBRE. Very prompt and creative solutions were put forward from their site on any of our request or need. We truly appreciate this pro-client approach. We can only recommend CBRE."

Ing. Kamil Krauspe, PhD - Vice President, Engineering, GoHealth s.r.o

Our Role