In the fourth quarter of 2022, the total office stock in Bratislava represented 1,97 million sqm. 15% of the total stock consists of class A+ office space, 39% of A, and 46% of class B office space. The overall vacancy rate in Bratislava at the end of Q4 2022 decreased to 11.21% while the City Centre vacancy rate decreased to 8.77%. The vacancy rate in Central Business District decreased to 12.70%, while the vacancy rate in the Southbank area dropped to 6.32%. In 2022, the total office stock in Bratislava increased by 25,160 sqm, with the construction of Lakeside Park II and Omnia BC.

Total leasing activity has recorded a 44% y-o-y decrease in Q4, with a total volume of 54,532 sqm. The take-up in Q4 reached 25,459 sqm. The renegotiation ratio was 53%. The largest transaction in Q4 was a renegotiation in Landererova 12, occupied by an IT company. Renegotiations accounted for 53% of the total leasing activity, new leases 43%, and expansions 4%. Around 50% of total leasing activity occurred in the two most dynamic sub-markets - City Centre & Central Business District, totaling 25,012 sqm. Total leasing activity was dominated by transactions in the Professional services sector with a size of 12,451 sqm. A total of 12 transactions were recorded with an area of over 1,000 sqm. The majority of leased space this quarter was leased within the Professional services (23%), Public (19%), and IT sector (18%).