Creativity and functionality in design

The transformation plan for your building is not complete without the architectural design. An in-house architect and interior designer, who form an integral part of the project team, contribute to CBRE's consulting processes from the very beginning. Their design approach leads to creative, out-of-the-box solutions, which will bring your building's transformation to life. Through this, the whole proposal becomes tangible and it becomes easier to discuss the level of ambition. This is an important tool for decision-making, whether you are planning an aesthetic upgrade or a full renovation of your property.

Designs with the tenant in mind

Our extensive knowledge of tenants is unique as a result of working with them for many years. How a building is used should make sense, and it should have features that appeal to future tenants or visitors. Our creative concept concentrates on making a building attractive for letting or selling. This concept is then developed in detail so that the final result is exactly as we proposed.

Feasibility guaranteed

Of course, our role in the creative process is part of the overall plan for renovation or redevelopment. The advantage of our integral approach is that our architects are also committed to the parameters set by the level of ambition, the budget and the schedule. Design ideas are immediately assessed against technical feasibility, cost level and their importance for the transaction and investment value. The architect remains involved during construction. This enhances the design's practicability and guarantees the aesthetic quality. It also makes the decision-making process more efficient.

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