• Team provides debt advisory and arrangement services for clients across all property asset classes (whether operating assets or not) and looks at all forms of senior, mezzanine and hybrid debt instruments 
  • The team tracks and has access to a wider range of lenders and includes strong relationships with circa 40 lenders across CEE 
  • The team provides debt restructuring advice and loan sale advice for vendors and purchasers of distressed and performing loan portfolios

Bespoke consulting at every stage of the financing process

Our team is active in Central and Eastern Europe, working directly with a global network of banks and other suppliers of capital. This approach results in in-depth (local, regional and international) knowledge of the finance market, offering you the best possible starting point to secure optimum conditions for your property financing.

In-depth knowledge of the finance market

  • All kinds of finance: acquisition, restructuring and/or refinancing
  • Clear, rigorously-executed process, totally in line with expectations
  • All forms of financing: junior, senior, mezzanine, bridging, credit tenant lease, etc.
  • Specialists in the acquisition and sale of loans and loan-related services

Our services

Debt Advisory
. With an acute understanding of clients’ individual objectives, funding requirements and the wider market dynamics, CBRE’s Debt Advisory team provides access to the solutions they need to achieve their ambitions. The team partners with developers, investors and investment funds to source flexible and innovative finance solutions originating senior, junior, and whole loan solutions.

The best financing conditions. The real estate finance market is a specialised environment that swiftly responds to changes in the real estate industry.
Solutions that were obvious years ago may now often be outdated for your real estate purposes. CBRE offers a rock solid combination of specialised finance knowledge along with real estate expertise from our sales, rental, management, taxation and research teams from all across the world. We ensure you get the best financing conditions that seamlessly match your objectives for your real estate and organisation.

Unique real estate financing insights. To answer your financing queries we approach the parties that best match your specific situation. By comparing their offers, we will provide insights about the conditions, cash flows, profitability and other relevant details of the lending process. We advise you on the possibilities and focuses directly pertaining to the particular property. This integrated approach is a huge time saver and will guide you towards a well-reasoned decision. In addition, you get to truly focus on your real estate strategy.

A predictable and methodical process. The (new) financing suppliers work around the globe and each have their own acceptance processes. We know the difference between parties and know which information and type of analyses they require. Our fine-tuned preparation, which includes financial modelling, is geared towards this and makes it a predictable process. This speeds up the procedure and allows us to better respond to new development in an agile fashion.

  • Optimal real estate financing, in a predictable, transparent process and a clearly outlined result that matches your objectives regarding profitability, risk and timing
  • Finance accounting with an expansive comparison of the offered conditions, resulting cash flows and returns, including details of the lending process
  • Information memorandum with in-depth transaction analysis and financial modelling targeting potential lenders, resulting in a swift, transparent and predictable process
  • Progress reports that allow you to consult the process, information used and expected results at any given time, giving you the means to make adjustments along the way

Loan & Corporate recovery. Quick and efficient recovery of real estate loans by thoroughly preparing the sale of the property, in private or through an action.  
Quickly outlining all the possibilities. Our strength lies primarily in our ability to apply solution-oriented thinking and to identify legal possibilities and impossibilities. It is particularly important for a real estate lender such as yourself to ensuring a maximal yield when recovering a loan. This enforcement process, however, also needs to be feasible and transparent. Thanks to our involvement in many real estate transactions - on both a major institutional level as well as a much smaller local scale - and to our know-how of real estate financing we are able to provide a quick and clear solution, tailor-made to your situation.

Complete file and a result-driven approach. Recovering your real estate loan in an efficient and sound way can often prove complex. CBRE’s transparent and structured approach provides you with a realistic expectation of the end result. The transaction file we provide is as complete as possible and gives a good portrayal of the real estate for sale or auction. There is advice on the available options and support for every step on the way to achieving a satisfactory conclusion. We focus on maximising the sales result by leveraging our vast store of real estate knowledge, data and insights.

  • Information memorandum: brochure that outlines the real estate proposition to generate market interest during the lead up to the auction
  • Real estate dataset: an organized dataset covering the object that is subject to execution. This can be delivered to bidders either directly or via the auction platform
  • Private offers: strong focus on realising private offers in creating optionality
  • Transaction planning and data status: detailed and up-to-date planning of the foreclosure process, including the status of the pending dataset
  • Auction brochure: an overview of the real estate subject to execution that is consistent with the legal information from the notary and the auction platform

Financial consulting

  • Financial analysis and modelling large portfolios, including risk and return analysis and advice around potential financing and ownership structures
  • Creation of custom-made fund management tools, for performance analysis and forecasting. Also, manager and investor reporting disclosures, asset management initiative analysis, and return impact from potential acquisitions and disposals
  • Modelling multi-phased developments, offering scheme feasibility assessment, phase and plot profitability, fundability analysis and cost monitoring reporting

Key Services

With specific experience in office, industrial and retail property financing, we consistently deliver optimal financing regardless of asset type. We are experienced in securing funding and servicing loans from €1 million and upward for all property types.

Debt Advisory

  • Debt structuring and project analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Loan documentation advice

Debt Raising

  • Acquisition financing
  • Development financing
  • Refinancing


Loan sales and restructuring

Key financing types:

  • Permanent Financing 
  • Bridge Loans 
  • Construction Financing
  • Joint Venture Equity 
  • Mezzanine Debt 
  • Structured Equity
  • Bond emission


Lending Programs

CBRE is the premier provider of commercial and multifamily financing and investment sales.

These relationships include:

  • Banks
  • Private Investors
  • Credit Companies
  • Advisory & Consulting Assignments