CBRE secures all the activities related to daily operation of the property and on behalf of the Client communicates with third parties plus insures synergy of their activities and interests. We manage activities to ensure trouble-free daily running of Property with great emphasis on the high standard of set up processes.

Presenting reports to the Owner on the performance of tenants, events related to the operation of the property, proposals and recommended solutions in the agreed period.

Property Management includes mainly following activities:

  • Communication with tenants
  • Organization, coordination and administration effort
  • Organization of the Services – cleaning and security service, maintenance etc.
  • Communication with suppliers
  • Communication with offices, local and state administration bodies
  • Solution of operational matters
  • Maintaining the lease agreements database
  • Maintaining the database of deposits and guarantees (deposits, bank and other guarantees)
  • Negotiations with tenants concerning their obligations submitting new, or prolonging expiring bank guarantees
  • Preparing reminders to deliver bank guaranties, distribution of bank guarantees copies
  • Maintaining the database of  insurance contracts and certificates if requested by client
  • Processing of primary documents for accounting
  • Data renewal and update in the database as soon as the change take effect, eventually is notified to the Administrator
  • Preparation of correspondence, unilateral notifications and documents for contractual documentation
  • Preparation and sending off notification to tenants regarding rent adjustments and / or tax increases, or other announcements on behalf of the client
  • Entering retrieved data concerning the turnovers to the Administrator database
  • Monitoring data changes in lease agreements from public database sources (registered office address, ID, VAT, etc.). Collect notification of these changes and then distribute and modify the database
  • Archiving of original leases, amendments, notifications and other original documents in safes, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

Related Services

CBRE is processing accounting in accordance with the clients' requirements
CBRE is providing for the clients the services linked by the purchase and sale of the electric energy generally in relation to client’s tenants