Sale & leaseback involves selling off one’s property portfolio while remaining its occupier through a commercial lease. CBRE team supports companies at every stage of the sale & leaseback process for single properties or portfolios, anywhere in Slovakia and internationally. 

With specialists in offices, retail, logistics and industrial premises, CBRE services include:

  • Real estate asset analysis and market positioning 
  • Valuations, cash flows, price positioning (lease and sale), rate of return analysis of scenarios
  • Sale strategy and timetable; initial targeting of potential investors, especially when dealing with occupier specific assets and complex portfolios
  • Marketing, creation of prospectuses, information memorandum, dedicated websites



  • Assessment of building work costs (capex) if required, selection of documents for inclusion in the data room (regulatory audits, surveyor's report etc.)
  • Lease terms and conditions
  • Assistance in the analysis of financial and accounting impacts


  • Investor targeting
  • Analysis of offers received and assistance with negotiations of terms and conditions until closing
  • Coordination with lawyers and auditors, if required; management of data room questions/answers, reporting on execution

Related Services

From greenfield or industrial brownfield sites, to existing assets generating satisfactory returns or those that are now obsolete due to dilapidation, vacancy, low returns or other factors, investors are always keen to find winning strategies to boost the value of their properties
CBRE will quickly and efficiently provide information on all the possibilities for redevelopment or renovation