Many properties that can no longer be let in their current state tend to remain empty for a long time. If you wish to sell your property, you will be faced with a large number of complex issues. You will have to negotiate your way through a maze of organisations and institutions. CBRE will quickly and efficiently provide information on all the possibilities for redevelopment or renovation. This will change your real estate into a property with potential.

Using our in-house team of commercial, technical and structural experts and architects, we will prepare a complete business case that investigates all the different scenarios. You will get a concrete, comprehensive plan, including a draft design, an estimate of the construction period, and an analysis of the costs and future profits.

As we know the property market inside out, we can tell who the potential buyers are and will bear their requirements in mind in the transformation proposal.

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From greenfield or industrial brownfield sites, to existing assets generating satisfactory returns or those that are now obsolete due to dilapidation, vacancy, low returns or other factors, investors are always keen to find winning strategies to boost the value of their properties
CBRE team supports companies at every stage of the sale & leaseback process for single properties or portfolios, anywhere in Slovakia and internationally