Quick, professional and transaction focused

In an acquisition or sales process, the Technical Due Diligence provides insight into the costs and risks involved in owning property. What, for example, can you expect in terms of maintenance, and have all the regulations been met? We will quickly and expertly provide you with the insight you need, in a clear report. You can use it as a security for the transaction you have planned. This means you will be in charge of the quality and timing of the process.

Trusted international standard

CBRE's many years of experience in property acquisition and sales processes has resulted in TDD reports of reliable quality. They meet the requirements of RICS (the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and documents that are recognised and trusted by international investors. A Technical Due Diligence by CBRE provides certainty about the costs and risks involved in the portfolio or the building.

Specialist Due Diligence team

CBRE has a team of specialists that fully focuses on Technical Due Diligence (TDD). This means we can quickly and adequately assess large portfolios in all property categories. We work quickly and efficiently and make sure that all aspects relevant to the transaction have been identified and assessed.

  • Technical, environmental and commercial inspection and reporting in accordance with RICS requirements for acquisition or sale
  • Quantification of costs and risks related to maintenance or technical defects
  • Quick and professional completion in line with the anticipated transaction and transaction date
  • Reliable, high-quality reports, recognised and trusted by international investors

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