Systematic concept development

The world around us is changing constantly, and to be successful, it is essential to evolve all the time. Innovations influence everyday life more and more, and your customers want to shop however, wherever and whenever, while it is becoming still more crucial, to keep touch with the latest technologies (artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality etc.). We also know the importance of getting all the marketing in line, and your retail network, as one of the most important channels, must not stand behind. Therefore, we have implemented standards and processes enabling our team to systematically develop the concepts supporting your visions and goals, reflecting other channels which communicate towards your clients. Seamless shopping experience is no longer a nice to have, but an imperative for all retailers, who want to succeed in this turbulent and challenging times.

Tailor made solutions

We integrate our clients since the very beginning, when during the authentic workshops we make sure that we fully understand the uniqueness, values and visions of our customer. We combine insights in newest trends with retail experience, playfulness and creativity with detailed analysis, innovative approaches with careful prototyping and testing. We always apply omnichannel thinking so all the marketing and sale channels are mutually connected, create synergies, and provide to your end-clients seamless shopping paths, positive experience and added values. Our designs always reflect on company culture, market positioning, values and goals of our clients, picking always most efficient and suitable innovative approaches and solutions while turning the abstract ideas into tangible realities, in order to further bring comfort and pleasure to our customers and their clients.

Long-term partnership

From the very beginning of concept development stages, through careful prototyping of each selected piece of furniture or digital technology, till installation and construction works supervision, as well as during development of branch design manuals, we stand always by your side as your reliable and trusted partner every step of your way. Let us create together co-temporal and unique design for your retail branches, or even showroom you deserve, design you can be rightfully proud of!

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