We partner with our clients to improve productivity and efficiency – addressing environmental concerns, futureproofing and talent retention – ensuring that we get to know as much as possible about a business before delivering workplace strategies with transformative effects.

Whatever the size of your business and real estate portfolio, CBRE’s award winning team can drive performance and improve your workplace environment. Our experts use sophisticated insight tools, data analysis and workplace strategy to measure occupancy and analyse your space, before designing and implementing bespoke solutions to turn your real estate into real advantage.

When implementing change, for us, success is grounded in user engagement and communication. We develop structured programs of activities to support, guide and engage employees into the new way of working, thinking and behaving.

As thought leaders on wellness in the workplace, we research and advise on current approaches to wellbeing related to office design, working practices and employee engagement, enabling people and workplaces to exceed their potential.

Increased savings and employee performance

An enhanced workplace environment doesn’t just make for happier employees, it reduces costs. By consolidating and improving your business space, we can create an environment that supports collaboration and innovation, in turn encouraging employee engagement and increased satisfaction.

The benefits of optimised workplace environments and holistic occupancy management are measurable values. These include savings on real estate costs, a reduction in carbon footprint, the attraction and retention of talented staff, and data analysis measuring how well your property is serving your business.

On average, CBRE’s Workplace and Occupancy team have delivered a 20% saving in occupancy costs through reduced vacancy, efficient design, and new space allocation practices.

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